How To Win at Roulette

Well, Joel, what good luck? Everyone? Oh!

This feels like a big 36, no mana! Thank you! Do you have 28 black even high? One third is in first column in your section, it looks like a twin increased confidence. 28. I don’t think it’s anything else.

I wasn’t so I’m picking up on that to a base. Please good luck! Wow! Good luck ever pick one just for you no mana! Thank you. I feel it can pull up something special, maybe something like 15 zero.

When a winner five issue number versus the second column, CI section, he knows: Kamsa, Jojo, ad Seco, foxy, lady, so well played GG strassman pjg. She will don’t kill a boss, Co, Sammy GS, sharpie EJ 88 Simon bomb at Bob and Daniel Nathan has only ones I could see, but because most everyone picked up sorry, it’s a fun front. All right.

When one read law enforcement force, dozen of you’ve won the orphans, a powerful institution yeah. Here we go again all the best good look better clothes, there’s no more! I’M gon na give you those hot numbers in a second boys and girls.

Let me just get up get them up on the get them up on the thing. Yeah there you go 34 Reds the highest one by the way. Just so you know, the next winner is 9 red. This is the next winner, 9 red out low numbers. First column or flaunt yeah, so hot numbers 34 that is 1, followed by 24 black 6 black seven red and 5 rats, 35 Heights ones running hot BJJ summer bomb all there for the wins. Let’S go again glue, curious!

That’S a closed number! Next one’s 13! Black! Again are low numbers seconds on first column, Paul Christian Luke, no mana. Thank you is 31 blackout high. One third is a first column.

Offline section. Bogie is a bottle by Mandy aleem op, HJ, j, HH, j, je? U everybody else is speaking of well done, guys. Congrats, good luck! Everyone, no one!

I thank you. Six lucky even goes first in the third column, often section well done guys congrats best ways, good, look, no wan na! Thank you! You win as five verses in second CI section.

Well done guys! Good luck come on. Oh, thank you, you haven’t, you did after there’s been guys huh yeah, I guess the same as before. Huh get out of here.

Hey I’m gon na leave! You good luck in roulette. I stopped. I know the pain all right focusing today, I’m gon na be a deal for the next half an hour. How are you all doing?

We get the triple band as close to this one. What are then zero beam is in the wash Don’s and their zero steel sections a little. You count, one if you’re still playing about it’s, not a zero for you, 10 spins, a part of them. Sorry, noise goes the last time, though right.

So it’s good for Nina’s computing gone to around Elson and axle Kali or locks, it’s called cat loose and then Simon SGS is breaking even gratulations. Men famous cause this one, here’s the oven. Now it is bouncing down it’s in 0 and R 0. That was fun.

Why not a green bean photons in zero sections as well? So look at the winners. Eleanor welcome to the table.

Zero is good. One for Nina to the meeting will also help in Oncasinogames we’ll just name a huge congratulations, oh yeah for sure mine. Every time like, for instance, it was a classic one, led better school. So this one, this guy seen hallo and stuff love.

Well, that kind of thing, one like five spins in a rule lost one and then I became doctor him and I was absolutely dark lost once been and I was called and in braids you see the C word seems to be getting trucked around a lot to Me man, it must be one, I must be one so many people, I’ve seen it. You know, but yeah, that’s kind of how that win and then and then, when I thank them for the for their for what he was saying.


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