Video Poker

Do You Like To Play Video Poker Game?

Each year the casinos increase the amount of video poker machines that are placed on the floor. The next chapter takes a look at the various offshoots that are available. But, because of the popularity of poker, many people rush to the machines, due to the excitement generated by being able to play video poker.

In regular poker, you play your cards against the other players and bet according to the perceived value of your hand. The person with the best hand wins all the chips, and sometimes you can lose with a powerhouse full house or even four of a kind to a stronger hand.

Seven-card stud poker, five-card stud, and the latest games of Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, and others require an element of skill by the player. Having a good hand does not guarantee a profit-you gotta be higher than your enemies for that hand or else you get zilch!

Video poker pays you something for a pair of Jacks or better, because you are not playing against anybody, but merely being rewarded, based on how good your hand is. There are good sides and bad sides to this. In regular poker, a full house will usually hold up and, if you have enough players staying in, will kick off a nice profit. In video poker, the payoffs are set, and though you’ll get anywhere from a 6-1 to 8-1 payoff for a full house, that is nowhere near what you should get. The house sets the payoffs and prints them on the front of each machine, so you know ahead of time exactly what you will receive when a certain hand shows.

The thrill of playing a form of poker attracts people to these machines, and each year they draw more and more combatants.

The Good Part of Video Poker You’re gonna get something for a hand of Jacks or better, and the payoffs are guaranteed- based on how good a hand you have. You’re sure of getting something back for your investment.

The Bad Part of Video Poker You ain’t gonna get the “true payoff for making a certain hand. The chances of getting four of a kind in a regular video poker machine is a tough long shot at best. The casino pays you 25-1, which seems great at the mo­ment but is hardly in line with what the player should get.

This is true of every single payoff, but the house posts what it will kick back and you have the choice to play or not play. I am well aware that true payoffs will not be returned, yet I still play this game. So do a lot of other people who are searching for that hot machine

know you like to play, and I am not trying to discourage you from doing so-only making you aware of what you’re up against.

It’s a popular game, and well it should be!