Video Poker

Video Poker Popularity

It’s time to look at one of the most popular games in the casino: video poker. Because it’s a “machine game,” it’s in the slot family, but it’s not thought of that way by the people who play video poker. A lot of video poker players will not venture over to a slot machine but will sit for hours at a poker machine, begging, praying, hoping for the elusive royal flush. These devoted video poker players scoff at slots players, but the bottom line is that a machine is a machine is a machine.

This is my twelfth book on online gambling, and for those of you that have read any of the previous ones, you will see a lot of sim­ilar theories. That’s because the world of gambling is, and always will be, us against the house. And the methods I propose will always zero in on money management and discipline.

You will find a ton of theories in this book that compare with and are similar to those theories laid out in my slots book. That’s because playing the slot machines and the video poker machines requires a method of betting that is different than attacking the table games.

When you get to the chapters on money management, the systems mirror those in my slots book, for one simple reason: they work!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I like to take gambling seriously, so that requires a step-by-step explanation of exactly what it takes to win. You’re still gonna need the Big Four and the Little Three to be able to compete intelligently. You’re still gonna need win goals, loss limits, and guarantee and excess moves, just as if you were playing craps or blackjack or roulette, or any other casino game. Yeah, I know, some of you don’t know what these things are, but hold your britches, well get to all those things in due course. Right now I just wanna explain what you’ll be seeing on these pages: an intelligent, conservative approach to a game that is simple to play, fairly easy to pick up, and yields small profits, but stacked against us is the possibility of getting rich with a bevy of royal flushes and five of a kind jackpots.

I ain’t trying to burst your bubble, but just getting you to realize the reality of gambling: The house is in business to win money. No they don’t cheat, but they don’t make these machines cash cows for their customers. They are set to return a certain percentage back to the players, and if you happen to be at a machine that kicks off one of those bonanza payoffs, then bully for you.

Remember, it wasn’t your great playing that did it it was just time for that machine to cough up some coins. And you happened to be parked in front of it at zero hour!

Let’s look at some history of video poker and how much intelligence it takes to play these machines.